Yes, I had a chuckle with Rob’s analogy too

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canada goose Joan thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful comment. Yes, I had a chuckle with Rob’s analogy too. I will ponder your whole ‘shift in consciousness’ comment. Now we need to create the Advanced Wars equivalent of 20,000 bearded men who want to kill each other. Game Of Thrones has more political factions than most real countries: Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Tyrells, Martells, the Night’s Watch, white walkers, wildlings, the Targaryens, the dozens of interchangeable one dimensional villains Daenerys has butchered, rogue actors like Littlefinger, that kid who’s way too old to be breastfeeding, and on and on and on. But because most of them are ultimately irrelevant just like in real life so we’re chopping this story down to the essentials. canada goose

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