Tobacco taxation

Tobacco taxation in China On 31 May every year, the World Health Organization (WHO) marks World No Tobacco Day, to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use, and advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption. Among the modifiable risk factors for mortality, tobacco is the single most preventable cause of death, currently responsible for approximately 6 million deaths each year. In China, approximately one million deaths every year are caused by tobacco around one in six tobacco related deaths worldwide. WHO estimates that a tax increase which raises the price of tobacco products by 10 per cent will lead to a 4 per cent reduction in tobacco consumption in high income countries, and a 5 per cent reduction in tobacco consumption in low and middle income countries. The effect is even more pronounced for young people reductions in consumption could be as much as 2 3 times higher than those that occur among adults. NIKE AIR HUARACHE

WHO calculates that if all countries increased taxes on cigarette packs by 50 per cent, there would be 49 million fewer smokers around the world, which would result in 11 million fewer deaths from smoking over time. At the same time as reducing death and disease, tobacco taxes increase revenue to Governments which can be reinvested in health or other government priorities. fjA�llrA�ven kA?nken mini Tobacco taxes are therefore good for health, and good for economies: raising tobacco taxes is a ‘win win’ policy. WHO estimates that if all countries increased tobacco taxes per pack by 50 per cent, governments around the world would earn an extra $101 billion USD in revenue. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control China ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in 2005, and it came into legal force in China in 2006. The WHO FCTC recognises the importance of price and tax measures in reducing tobacco consumption, especially among young people. The WHO FCTC calls on countries to implement tax and price policies so as to contribute to health objectives aimed at reducing tobacco consumption. Odell Beckham Jr Jersey Additionally, WHO recommends as a best practice that countries set excise taxes so that they represent at least 70 per cent of the retail price of cigarettes. At approximately 40 per cent, the effective rate of taxation as a proportion of the retail price of tobacco in China is significantly lower than this. Tobacco taxes, prices, and affordability in China Tobacco in China is very cheap: the most sold brand of cheap jerseys cigarettes retails for just 5 RMB (approximately $0.80 USD). More than this, tobacco in China has become much more affordable over time as average incomes have increased with China’s rapid economic growth and development: In 2000, 14 per cent of annual per capita income was required to buy 100 packets of the cheapest cigarettes in China; By 2010, the same number of packets of cigarettes could be purchased for just 3 per cent of average annual per capita income.1 Data from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (ITC Project) shows that the price of tobacco in China currently provides little motivation to smokers to quit: only 22 per cent of smokers say that price led them to think about quitting “somewhat” or “very much”. NIKE LUNARGLIDE 8 At 22 per cent, the percentage of Chinese smokers who report price is a motivator to quit is much lower than other countries included in the ITC Project (for example, in Australia the comparable figure is 78 per cent, Thailand 72 per cent, Canada 66 per cent, Malaysia 64 per cent, and Germany 60 per cent).2 How does China compare to other countries? Despite the effectiveness of tobacco taxation as a strategy for reducing tobacco consumption, according to the most recent WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, in 2012 only 8 per cent of the world’s population were covered by tobacco taxation policies which are considered by WHO to be at the highest level of policy achievement in this area. Of the 195 countries included in the WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, China is among the approximately 30 per cent of countries where tobacco taxation is between 26 50% of the retail price which is considered by WHO to be a minimal level of policy achievement. Accordingly, there is considerable room for strengthening China’s tobacco taxation policies to increase prices, reduce affordability, and in doing so, decrease tobacco consumption. Won’t increasing taxes hurt poor and disadvantaged people? A common myth is that tobacco taxes create a financial burden on poor smokers since they spend a larger share of their income on tobacco products. Nike Kevin Durant This is not the case. Cheap tobacco results in greater tobacco use amongst those on lower incomes. NIKE AIR ZOOM STRUCTURE 20 In fact, tobacco use can increase poverty, as limited household funds are spent on tobacco instead of other goods. As a result, the poor end up bearing a disproportionate share of the health and economic burden of tobacco use. adidas neo A well designed tobacco tax increase does not need to be regressive. Rather, encouraging people on low incomes to quit smoking through tax increases can help these groups to improve their and their family’s health. Nike Air Jordan 1 Womens As people on lower incomes are more sensitive to price increases, they are more likely than higher income consumers to alter their consumption behaviour by either quitting or reducing their level of tobacco consumption in response to a tax increase. Nike Scarpe Uomo Consequently, higher taxes help to reduce low income groups’ personal spending on tobacco, as well as improve their health. }Sildenafil Buy Online. Canadian Pharmacy, Guaranteed Shipping. FDA regulations prohibit us from accepting returned medications from a customer, sildenafil buy online. Sildenafil Buy Online In United States. Men’s Health. Asthma, Male Enhancement, Erectile Dysfunction. Sildenafil For Sale. Canadian Pharmacy, Best Prices. FedEx. Best prices for excellent quality! Sildenafil for sale Online Drug Store, Guaranteed Shipping. Check your order status online. Money Back Guarantee!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); Antabuse onlinebuy lioresal.

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