Maldives Resorts at Your Service

Maldives Resorts at Your Service

If you are planning to visit Maldives, then it is truly a great choice. This country is believed to be the best vacation location due to various characteristics like rich and natural beauty, and over 1200 islands that are formed from the coral barrier reefs that encircle each one. The unique atolls are surrounded by the most magnificent white sands and lapped by crystal clear lagoons that are brimming with marine life. The tourists also agree to the fact that Maldives is one of the wonders of the world. The citizens of Maldives have maintained the culture and tradition so that the vacationers can experience the pure Maldivian culture. The most interesting fact of the country is the combination of the African music and South Asian cuisine. Due to the strong essence of belongingness and nature, the trekkers feel like staying in Maldives forever. All these vital features have increased the travel and tourism business. Additionally, several hotels in the Maldives guarantee better-quality services so that the stay of the traveler is comfortable and relaxing. The Maldives hotels will also make you acquainted with the geographical condition and even the dressing styles of Maldives.


The Republic of Maldives is situated in the south of India and west of Sri Lanka, on the equator. Its 1,190 coral islands form a collection of 26 major atolls that stretch share more content 820km north to south, and 120km east to west, deep in the Indian Ocean. Just over 200 islands are inhabited and 87 are dedicated to exclusive Maldives resorts. It’s a nation with less than one per cent land mass over 99 per cent sea with no island longer than about 7km or higher than 1.3m above water level.


Dhivehi is the most common language in the Maldives, but English is also widely spoken and there is little problem with visitors making themselves understood. A variety of languages are spoken by the resort island staff including English, French, German, Italian and even some Japanese.

The Maldives sits in the calm equatorial belt and the temperature remains at a steady 30 degrees Centigrade, with sunshine all year round. The driest months are from December to April, and the sun is at its hottest from February to April and coolest in December. The most humid months run from May to November.


No vaccinations are required unless visitors are traveling from areas where yellow fever is endemic, in which case proof of yellow fever vaccination is required. Almost all resort islands have a resident doctor and decompression chambers are within easy reach for diving emergencies.


Travelers seeking a pampering break can be spoiled in the Maldives, home to numerous excellent spas. Some are owned and managed by resorts, others are well known spa chains operating within the hotels. There are a huge number of services on offer, often combining traditional Asian therapies with classic European spa techniques.


The place to shop on the Maldives is Male.

* Majeedhee Magu, the main road on the island, for well-stocked shops selling just about everything including clothing, jeweler, cosmetics, watches, electronics and more, open until 11pm.

* Local market on the northern waterfront for stalls selling fruit, vegetables, homemade sweets, pickles and dried fish.

* Chaandhanee Magu, the second main road on the island, for souvenir shops, many selling items from Singapore.

Dress Code

Most of the people in Maldives are Muslim and, the dress code is European-style on the resort islands (although topless bathing is strictly forbidden), women would be advised to dress moderately while walking in Male.

Money Matters

The Maldivian currency is the rufiyaa, which is divided into 100 laarees. The US dollar is the most commonly used foreign currency and resort islands accept most best electric tea kettle hard currency cash, as well as travelers’ cheques. The majority of resorts are authorized money changers, and credit cards are widely accepted in hotels and most restaurants, including American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and Euro Card.

Most banks are in Male and open from hungry shark evolution hack cheat online 8am to 1.30pm Sunday to Thursday, or 9.30 to 12.30pm during Ramazan (Ramadan).
Enjoy your trip in Maldives and have a great stay in the Maldives hotels.
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