“I came in and got my extra lifts in

Going to get treatment and get ready for Game 3. Came in needing 25 points to pass Abdul Jabbar Hermes birkin replica, and he overtook the Hall of Fame center with a 3 pointer in the third quarter, when he scored 17 points and helped the Cavs open a 26 point lead. James (5 Hermes Birkin Replica Bags,777 points) now only trails Michael Jordan (5,987), the player to whom he has been compared since he was a teenager, for the most points in postseason history.James is also trying to match Jordan six titles.

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Hermes Replica The teachers strike has national implications for Emanuel, whose education agenda is being closely watched by reformers and labor leaders. The strike’s reach extended to the presidential race, as Republican candidate Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama of putting organized labor over students. A White House spokesman said Obama has not taken a position on the strike.. Hermes Replica

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