He and his colleagues were inventing the visual language of

There is a mechanism in the brain responsible for keeping us at our current level of success. It will consistantly return us to its setting, whether we go below or above that point. It is called the PSYCHO CYBERNETIC MECHANISM(PCM). It job is to maintain the set of instructions that it is receiving, that our beliefs recognize as “safe”. Not safe like, “it’s safer to have a million bucks than to not have money” but like, “we’ve been traveling this path so often and for so long, that it’s obviously safe.” The body likes comfort zones and the PCM will try to keep us there.

Canada Goose online Attenborough has written about those early years in his memoir, Life on Air. He and his colleagues were inventing the visual language of television as they went along. In the cafeteria they debated the best way to change shots by cut or dissolve? “Should we perhaps restrict the use of the dissolve and so establish a special meaning to it to suggest, maybe, a change of time, subject or location. When could we justifiably use music? Was it dishonest to mix film sequences shot earlier with live action?” Canada Goose online

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