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Tango is the dance when we feel like being an a�?ONEa��
persistently leaving behind the selfish a�?MEa�� of our time.
You together with your partner will step into the dreamy realm of Tango
where there exists no right or wrong but only harmony and disharmony.
Because every inch of the Tango is yours only and our ambition
is to be One Flesh on four legs.
There may be hundreds of people on the dance floor but
Tango exists for the two of us only and the live affair
between the two of us seeks fort he aesthetic within the harmony.
A man and A Woman, In fact the greatest conflict of all times..
A Man and A Woman and here is
the Tangoa��

Altango | Ozan FA�rat

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Ozan FA�rat

Akademik A�AYrenimini Ege A?niversitesi Edebiyat FakA?ltesi Sosyoloji BA�lA?mA?a��nde tamamlayan Ozan FA�rat,
profesyonel kariyerine dans eAYitmeni ve koreograf olarak devam etmiAYtir.
Lisans A�AYrenimi sA�rasA�nda a�?Modern Toplumda KadA�n a�� Erkek KimliAYi ve Dansa�? konusunda inceleme ve akademik A�alA�AYmalar yapmA�AYtA�r.
EAYitim formasyonuna da sahiptir.

Dans yaAYamA�na 1996 yA�lA�nda baAYlayan FA�rat, 2000 yA�lA�nda A�zmira��in ilk Arjantin Tango okulu olan Altango Dans StA?dyosua��nu kurmuAYtur.
Altango Dans StA?dyosua��nda A�alA�AYmalarA�na devam ederken yurtiA�inde ve yurtdA�AYA�nda pek A�ok festivale, atA�lye A�alA�AYmasA�na (workshop) katA�lmA�AYtA�r.
Arjantin Tangoa��nun kalbi olan Buenos Airesa��te de Tango duayenleri ile A�alA�AYan Ozan FA�rat
kaliteli, etkin ve estetik A�alA�AYma yA�ntemleri ile Altango Dans StA?dyosua��nda eAYitim vermeye devam etmektedir.

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A� Geleneksel Latin DanslarA� a�� Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa,Merengue, Club Cha Cha, Bachata
A� UluslarasA� Latin danslarA�- Rumba , Cha Cha, Swing
A� Salon DanslarA�- Vals

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Looking for a Tango Class

Call Now +90 532 497 2600

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