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The environmental crisis is the canary in the mineshaft of modern society. Miners, in previous generations, checked the quality of air in a mine by lowering a canary in a cage into a mineshaft. If the canary came back up alive the miners would go into the mine; if the canary came back dead the miners would not proceed as the mine was dangerous and unsafe.

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GALLAGHER: you have to address the connection between homegrown terrorism and what happening in the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Syria. We allowed ISIS to carve out a caliphate in the heart of the Middle East. The town that I was deployed to on the Syrian border, a town that American forces working with brave Iraqis on the ground, liberated.

Mr. Ezell (“Election result offers no mandate for president elect,” Nov. 15) takes comfort that Hillary won the popular vote. A current focus in global health research is to make medical tests that are not just cheap, but virtually free. One such strategy is to start with paper one of humanity’s oldest technologies and build a device like a home based pregnancy test that might work for malaria, diabetes or other diseases. A University of Washington bioengineer recently developed a way to make regular paper stick to medically interesting molecules.

More broadly, we should take some time to consider what a DIY neuroscience revolution cannot accomplish. Home tinkering, no wholesale china jerseys matter how passionate, cannot replace a good science education. Students still need to learn how to generate hypotheses, control variables and pick apart their own prized theories until they arrive at something credible.
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