But the reality is we are putting a bandage on a burst pipe and

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Prada Replica Bag It would provide a better service and allow police to respond faster to real emergencies.Quite rightly police concentrate on family violence, which at night ties up units for about two hours a case. The increase in drug related mentally ill suspects means police are off the road guarding these offenders in casualty departments.This points to the need for a rethink on how police do their business. We need more general duties police working at night (which may require a penalty rate incentive) and need to free up at least 1000 Protective Services Officers twiddling their batons on railway stations.But the reality is we are putting a bandage on a burst pipe and the time has come to have a rethink.Maybe we just accept that Melbourne is a big city with big city crime problems and suck it up. Prada Replica Bag

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