BEIJING China might

BEIJING China might have been a trade cheat and currency manipulator to candidate Donald Trump but the country has suggested it’s open to playing a role to the president elect’s program of rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure.China takes a “positive and open attitude toward cooperation that benefits our two countries” when it comes to infrastructure projects, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Monday in response to a question from NBC News.”We look forward. Administration,” he added.Last week, Trump delivered a victory speech that vowed to “fix our inner cities, and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. Rebuild our infrastructure.

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An Energy Department report sent a ripple through the markets midweek when it revealed a huge and unexpected drawdown in gasoline supplies. Energy prices surged Friday, even though the country continues to sit on an enormous supply of petroleum. “I think this rally is based more on hope than reality,” said Michael Lynch, president of Strategic Energy Economic Research.

That makes this scouting report a snap: When exercise, strength and conditioning are goals, the best pool in the area belongs to the Otters. Conveniently located between downtown Seaside and Marina, and one of the cheapest places to splash down anywhere in the county, the NCAA approved swimming facility has depths ranging from 3 13 feet, more cheap jerseys than 7 lanes, and a gorgeous ocean mural dancing alongside swimmers, simultaneously providing art and encouragement. That encouragement comes in handy, as the area’s only public 50 meter pool truly tests swimmer fitness.
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