Always Be Positive

God is regarded as the creator of all life on earth; whatever names you gave Him — Allah, Brahma, Rabb, Parmeshwar or Waheguru.
If believers tell you that God created life, then ask them: if that is so, who created Him? They have no answer. The truth is that life on earth was not created. It evolved, as did every living creature, and was not created by anyone, by whatever name you call Him.
It is not God gardenscapes hack tool cheats who created us, but we who created God. I am an agnostic. One does not have to believe in God to concede that prayer has power. Most people in distress pray for help when they are in trouble.
“More things are wrought by prayer than these World dreams of,” wrote Tennyson. I know of a lady faith healer whose simple formula to fight sickness is to chant ‘Omarogyam’. Apparently it worked for her; she also claims to have healed many people.
You may take recourse to passages from sacred texts: the Gayatri Mantra, the Lord’s Prayer or the Psalms, Aayat-ul-Kursi (the Throne Verse) or the sayings of Prophet Muhammad in the Hadith, or passages from the Granth Sahib. And there is nothing to stop anyone making up his own prayer.
Bernard Shaw was right in holding that common people do not pray, they beg. On religious festivals, after performing the expected rituals, people should spend about half an hour in silence and ask: ‘What does my religion really mean to me?’
I was born and brought up share here a Hindu. My parents, with whom I shared a room till I was 14, spent the best part of the day mumbling prayers. At the age of five I was initiated into reading the scriptures.
I learnt my daily prayers and could recite them by heart. I went to temples to pray and joined religious processions. Later, I began to question the value of rituals and the need to conform to Hindu traditions while in college. But I went along with them; I took great pains to understand the prayers that I had been reciting. Good prayers continue to move me, to this day.
While at University I attended Bible classes. I was particularly drawn to the language of the Old Testament—the Psalms, the Book of Job and the Song of Solomon. It was afterwards that I found many references to the Vedas, Upanishads and the epics that I decided to study them to better understand the meaning of my religion.
My interest in religion led me to read whatever I could on Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam. It was during my later life that I did my best not to lie. It is easier sticking to the truth than telling lies because lying requires cunning to cover up lies you have told before. Truth does not require brains.
Earn your own living and share some of it with others, said Guru Nanak:
‘Khat ghall kichh hathhon dey
Nanak raah pachchaney sey.’
I try not to hurt others’ feelings. If I have done so, I try to cleanse my conscience by tendering an apology I have also imbibed the check here motto: ‘Ever remain in buoyant spirits, never say die.’ It is worth pondering over. It is worth trying out.
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